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CNC aluminium HopUp chamber for M60 machine guns is made of a single piece of aluminum alloy 6061- T6 with red anodized finish . It is a material with high strength , and is lightweight. Weight of the chamber and only 29,9 grams. It is not re -brand or a repackaged product of another manufacturer . The chamber was made ??in the Czech Republic .

Chamber is compatible with the M60 , MK43 series by manufactures: A&K, PJ. Unfortunately we were not able to try it out on others brands. We would be happy if you let us know your experiences.

Basic characteristics:

Made on high precision CNC machines. (chamber, adjusting ring, center ring)
Better sealing. (You may test more different HopUp buckings to reach the best performance)
Durable body with red anodized coating.
Barrel is fixed by three screws unlike plastic lock.
Compatible with the stock plastic nozzle with the 35mm length.
Each packing include:

Brass center ring.
POM pressing roller.
Spare o-ring under adjusting ring.
Durable HopUp bucking (AimTop or Guarder)
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